Jennifer Worrell


In Progress

  • Edge of Sundown — literary suspense novel; 66K words.  Now querying.
    • After a decade-long hiatus, a sci-fi novelist finds inspiration in current events, but discovers his dystopian depiction of society is not as absurd as he imagined.  Once the details of his latest work are leaked, he becomes involved in an extremist plot that forces him to confront his past and his motives.

  • Yet Unnamed Novel #2 — sci-fi: research and exploratory stage in progress.

  • Yet Unnamed Novel #3 —  romantic suspense: ditto above.

  • "Filling Pies with Cream..."
    • A woman's first day in the pastry kitchen takes an erotic turn.

  • "Good Riddance" 
    • When Robert gets the chance to become an All-American Hero and win his best girl, he ends up sacrificing more than just freedom.

  • "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party, But..." 
    • Told from the perspective of Paul McCartney's penis, a beloved Beatles tune is twisted into a tale of blue-balled revenge.

  • "The Scent of Roses"
    • A young man departing for college teaches his sister what's important in life.  

  • A collection of dribs and drabs, whenever I find a smidge of time.