Jennifer Worrell


List of Published Works

Edge of SundownSuspense.  An aging author pens a dystopian conspiracy theory in an attempt to secure his legacy, only to discover his fictional universe has more in common with the truth than he imagined.  Expected to be released in late 2020.
Write City Magazine.  "The Scent of Roses" (contemporary/humor).  A young woman's road to self discovery begins with a fishing pole, a stack of Hustlers, and some well-placed Post-it notes.  (6/26/20)

Writing Disorder.  "Rejuvenation in Fragments" (nonfiction).  I once had a job that sucked my soul dry, taking my writing mojo with it.  Quitting led me to a better work life and a new sense of purpose in my art.  But a little cathartic schadenfreude six years later provided full closure.  (6/18/20)

Raconteur.  "A Period of Adjustment" (prose poem).  A woman comes to terms with the end of her marriage during a shocking climate change event.  Please subscribe to their Patreon page to read; you receive both electronic and print and more goodies for half the cost at Amazon.  (6/10/20)

Little Old Lady Comedy.  "A Day's Hard Night" (parody).  The origin of a Beatles classic love song is twisted into a tale of blue-balled revenge as seen through the eye of Paul McCartney's plonker.  (2/4/20)

Beneath Strange Stars.  "Good Riddance" (horror/sci-fi).  A young man determined to capture the heart of his crush enlists in a medical study conducted by the US Army.  Believing he's saving lives while bringing a swift end to a long-raging war, he discovers the terrifying truth behind their experiments.  (1/2/20)

Christmas Lites VIII.  "Tattered Ribbons" (children's).  A little girl's whimsical views crash into reality on Christmas Eve. (12/22/18)

Dread Naught but Time.  Introduction and "Cellophane Sea" (dark romance).  A man at a crossroads realizes that sometimes the greatest gifts are the things you leave behind.  (12/8/18)

Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread.  "One More Round" (dark romance): A young man's guilt comes back to haunt him as he yearns to recreate the past; and "Rendezvous" (thriller): A meet-up between two partners-in-crime ends in a showdown at a railway station.  (2/1/18)

Ironology 2017.  "Moonlight and Love Songs" (fantasy): The fate of a movie museum as told through the POV of its memorabilia; "Stone Circuit, Black Hole" (speculative romance): Now that science and magic are one, a man is left to mourn his love more deeply than ever; and "Keep the Change" (noir comedy): A cat must take drastic measures to maintain his cushy lifestyle.  (11/4/17)

ChiWriMo blog.  "I Have to Get This Sentence Just Right."  If you're worried about getting it right during NaNoWriMo, you're doing it wrong.  (11/3/17)

72 Hours of Insanity: An Anthology of the Games, volume 3 Short story.  "Kalfou" (horror). A woman is haunted by her dead husband in St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans.  (10/31/2017)  Out of print.

Literary Orphans Journal.  "Cooking for One"  After being abruptly abandoned, a woman tries to keep a sense of normalcy.   (2/28/17)

72 Hours of Insanity: An Anthology of the Games, volume 2.  "Zagnut" (sci-fi): The history of the first man on the moon turns out differently, thanks to a Russian tech; "C. Everett Oops" (dark comedy): Family can bring about the worst in you during a gruesome funeral, and "W56.11" (dark comedy): An arrogant med student learns things aren't always what they seem in the depths of the morgue.  (10/25/2016)  Out of print.

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.  "Tell It Again"  During a particularly excruciating meal, a humorous gesture combined with wish fulfillment results in disaster.  (2/01/15)

Hungry? Chicago (editor).  (2008)  Out of print.
Hungry? Chicago: Family.  (2006)