Jennifer Worrell


List of Published Works

Write City Magazine.  "The Scent of Roses" (contemporary/humor).  A young woman's road to self discovery begins with a fishing pole, a stack of Hustlers, and some well-placed Post-it notes.  (6/26/20)

Writing Disorder.  "Rejuvenation in Fragments" (nonfiction).  I once had a job that sucked my soul dry, taking my writing mojo with it.  Quitting led me to a better work life and a new sense of purpose in my art.  But a little cathartic schadenfreude six years later provided full closure.  (6/18/20)

Raconteur.  "A Period of Adjustment" (prose poem).  A woman comes to terms with the end of her marriage during a shocking climate change event.  Please subscribe to their Patreon page to read; you receive both electronic and print and more goodies for half the cost at Amazon.  (6/10/20)

Little Old Lady Comedy.  "A Day's Hard Night" (parody).  The origin of a Beatles classic love song is twisted into a tale of blue-balled revenge as seen through the eye of Paul McCartney's plonker.  (2/4/20)

Beneath Strange Stars.  "Good Riddance" (horror/sci-fi).  A young man determined to capture the heart of his crush enlists in a medical study conducted by the US Army.  Believing he's saving lives while bringing a swift end to a long-raging war, he discovers the terrifying truth behind their experiments.  (1/2/20)

Christmas Lites VIII.  "Tattered Ribbons" (children's).  A little girl's whimsical views crash into reality on Christmas Eve. (12/22/18)

Dread Naught but Time.  Introduction and "Cellophane Sea" (dark romance).  A man at a crossroads realizes that sometimes the greatest gifts are the things you leave behind.  (12/8/18)

Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread.  "One More Round" (dark romance): A young man's guilt comes back to haunt him as he yearns to recreate the past; and "Rendezvous" (thriller): A meet-up between two partners-in-crime ends in a showdown at a railway station.  (2/1/18)

Ironology 2017.  "Moonlight and Love Songs" (fantasy): The fate of a movie museum as told through the POV of its memorabilia; "Stone Circuit, Black Hole" (speculative romance): Now that science and magic are one, a man is left to mourn his love more deeply than ever; and "Keep the Change" (noir comedy): A cat must take drastic measures to maintain his cushy lifestyle.  (11/4/17)

ChiWriMo blog.  "I Have to Get This Sentence Just Right."  If you're worried about getting it right during NaNoWriMo, you're doing it wrong.  (11/3/17)

72 Hours of Insanity: An Anthology of the Games, volume 3 Short story.  "Kalfou" (horror). A woman is haunted by her dead husband in St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans.  (10/31/2017)  Out of print.

Literary Orphans Journal.  "Cooking for One"  After being abruptly abandoned, a woman tries to keep a sense of normalcy.   (2/28/17)

72 Hours of Insanity: An Anthology of the Games, volume 2.  "Zagnut" (sci-fi): The history of the first man on the moon turns out differently, thanks to a Russian tech; "C. Everett Oops" (dark comedy): Family can bring about the worst in you during a gruesome funeral, and "W56.11" (dark comedy): An arrogant med student learns things aren't always what they seem in the depths of the morgue.  (10/25/2016)  Out of print.

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.  "Tell It Again"  During a particularly excruciating meal, a humorous gesture combined with wish fulfillment results in disaster.  (2/01/15)

Hungry? Chicago (editor).  (2008)  Out of print.
Hungry? Chicago: Family.  (2006)